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Michelin Bib Mousse 21 M16

Our Price: £120.00

Product Description:

Michelin Bib Mousse 21 M16 For 90/100-21 hp4- comp vi 21" comp iv,s12,m12,mh3,ms3

Anti-Flat protection for Off-Road racingInvented by Michelin, MICHELIN Bib-mousse has an unparalled number of victories and championships: 26 victories in the Dakar Rally-Raid since 1983, 22 Enduro World Championship and 7 Motocross World Championship! Lighter than a Heavy Duty tube, MICHELIN Bib-mousse offers a equivalent pressure of 0.9 bar and remove the inconvenient from a puncture

Product Benefits Virtually eliminates flats
Part Number: 338000

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