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Digital Tire Pressure Gauge

Our Price: £8.52

Product Description:

Digital Tire Pressure Gauge


Caution: Check the infaltion pressure only when the tyres are cold. The battery has been supplied ex-works. Do not replace it. Do not clean it using running water.

- digital LCD display + acoustic signal

- micro-processor controlled

- low energy consumption due to the auto shut o
Part Number: 83519001000

Click to view the KTM parts fiche for the 30 most common KTM bikes this part was purchased for:

2010 525 XC ATV (EU)
2010 505 SX ATV
2010 450 SX ATV
2009 525 XC ATV
2009 450 XC ATV
2009 505 SX ATV
2009 450 SX ATV

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