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Bell Moto 9 Tomac Mon M 2017

Our Price: £329.99

Product Description:

Bell Moto 9 Tomac Mon M 2017 57-58cm monster medium


• Lightweight Composite “Tri-Matrix” shell

• Velocity Flow Ventilation™ system for maximum cooling

• Fully adjustable Flying Bridge Visor™ with air intake vents

• Removable/washable X-Static® XT2 silver liner

• Extended Wear™ interior

• Exclusive Magnefusion™ Emergency Removal System (MERS) cheekpads

• QuickFlip™ visor screws for easy adjustment even with gloves on

• Fully ventilated EPS-lined chinbar

• Integrated vented roost guard

• New and approved Magnefusion™ magnetic strap keeper

• Padded chin strap with D-ring closure

• Industry-leading Five-year warranty


EPS-Lined Chin Bar

Extended Wear™ Interior

Flying Bridge Visor™

Industry-Leading Five-Year Warranty

Integrated Roost Guard

Lightweight Composite “Tri-Matrix” shell

Magnefusion Emergency Release System (MERS)

Magnefusion Magnetic Strap Keeper

Padded Chin Strap with D-Ring Closure

QuickFlip Visor Screws

Velocity Flow Ventilation™

X-Static® XT2 silver liner
Part Number: BH7086285

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