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Focus Action Camera 4k Hd

Our Price: £130.00

Product Description:

Focus Action Camera 4k Hd

Capture the moment in ultra high definition

The SilverLabel Focus Action Cam 4K is the ultimate option for capturing your lifes most epic moments in ultra high definition. Designed around filming in the most untamed and rugged environments the camera is equally at home in everyday situations with family and friends

The Focus 4K model has some serious specs that will help you create some jaw dropping video and photo moments. Capture super smooth slow motion (records up to 120 fps), take stunning photographs up to 16 MP, control your camera directly with you smartphone, review your video and photos on the inbuilt 2 inch lcd screen

Included are many of the fixing mounts you will need to set up almost anywhere, such as a helmet mount, and bicycle mount and it also comes with a rugged waterproof housing that goes to depths of 30 metres. The camera can be fixed to helmets, surfboards, cars, mountain bikes, skateboards and has the ability to capture the world in ultra high- definition 4K video


Records 4k Ultra HD Video

Capture up to 16MP stills

WiFi enabled, pair to the smartphone app for direct control

Waterproof up to 30m

2 inch LCD dispay

Supports up to 32GB Micro SD cards

900mAh battery

170 degree wide angle lens

Dimensions 59(h) x 41(w) x 24(d) mm
Part Number: GA0504

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