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Steering Damper

Our Price: £397.92
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Product Description:

Steering Damper

steering damper

More safety and stability at the fork when you're riding at speed. The fully adjustable, very lightweight Husaberg steering damper is also unbeatable value for money. The well thought-out mounting of the damper allows individual adjustment of the handlebar, even after installation. Very low profile.

Following additional parts are needed:

77212905344 BRACKET FOR STEERING DAMPER and 77212050144 CLAMP FOR STEERING DAMPER (for all standard FX/TE/FE triple clamps) or 77212050544 CLAMP FOR STEERING DAMPER (for all Factory triple clamps with adjustable offset) or 77212050444 CLAMP FOR STEERING DAMPER (for FS triple clamps)
Part Number: 81212005000

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