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Focus Action Camera 360 Hd

Our Price: £169.99

Product Description:

Focus Action Camera 360 Hd

Capture the moment

The SilverLabel Focus Action Cam 360° is able to capture your surroundings perfectly and allows you to play back and scroll around to view your footage again later. Its small and very simple to operate as well as being both tough and able to film in beautiful panorama, the best and most exciting moments of your life.

This camera is capable of withstanding the knocks and bumps of filming in the most rugged environments. A waterproof housing (30 metres) is supplied plus a bicycle mount and helmet mount along with the fixed adapters which allow for mounting in most positions. Designed to be fixed to helmets, surfboards, cars, mountain bikes, skateboards.to capture the world in high-definition video through wide-angle, fish-eye perspectives


Records 1080p high definition video (360° and standard) 12 MP stills

WiFi enabled, pair to the otcam app for live view and playback

Waterproof up to 30m

Micro SD card

1.5 inch LCD display

1150mAh battery

220° ultra-wide angle lens

Dimensions: 47(h)x41(w)x31(d)mm
Part Number: GA0501

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