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Husqvarna Spare Part Fiche Finder Instructions

To find Husqvarna motorcycle Spare Parts using our online parts fiche finder, simply select your Husqvarna motorbike model using the 3 boxes above.
Or, simply enter the last 6 digits of your vin number.
  • Select your Husqvarna Motorbike Year of Manufacture
  • Select your Husqvarna Model Type (i.e Enduro)
  • Select your Husqvarna bike Model (i.e EXC350-F)
You'll then be presented with all the Husqvarna spare parts categories to choose from. Click to Select your correct Husqvarna parts category to view the Husqvarna Parts fiche, and simply select the Husqvarna parts you require from the fiche. Don't forget that if you want to go back a page, make sure to use the back button on the Husqvarna parts fiche page,NOT the browser back button!

Note: for Husqvarna SX50 and SX65 select the "Mini" bike category!


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